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Southern Africa & Peru Travel Specialists

We aim to give our clients the best experience ever, whether it is an adventure or a cultural experience, we want to ensure you get that and much more. We love traveling and we want you to get the best out of your destination.

Southern Africa

Travel To Southern Africa

There are so many destinations in Southern Africa, from Kanya and Tanzania with the animal migration, Uganda or Rwanda with the majestic Gorillas to South Africa or Namibia, Mozambique or Zanzibar, Victoria Falls. Wherever your destination is? We will make sure you have the best travel experience.


Travel To Peru

Peru, such an incredible country to visit, with so many options, Beach Holiday? Culture, history, Food, adventure? Tell us what your heart desires we will make it happen, Lima is the gastronomical capital of the world, machi Picchu is one fo the seven wonders and we could go on….

Travel With Nanan

What Makes Us Different

At Nanan, we know why you travel. Whether it be for vacation or work, relaxation or adventure, we make it our business to know what you want from your trip and to make sure you get exactly that, and more. That’s why we work directly and personally with our travelers to understand your needs and put something together that is unique to you. We have intimate knowledge and experience of the amazing destinations we’re sending you to and also know a lot about where you’re from. Let our travel agency give you the experience of a lifetime.

Person to person contact from the beginning.
Personalised service.
Spanish, Speaking, 24 hour service.
Available for any problem, query or isue.
Very knowledgeable, lived here for more than 10 years and traveled all over Africa.
Peruvian, and have traveled many times all over Peru.
Work with the best tour guides and tour operators.
I’m passionate about traveling and want the best for everyone that travels as well.
I’m always on the hunt for new places and new experiences in South Africa, Africa and in Peru.
I will always offer the best for my clients within their budget and possibilities.
I’m here to make sure my clients experience in Africa or Perus their best ever!

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I love and have lived in both Southern Africa and South America, the two continents I offer services to. South Africa and Peru are my homes. I’ve also travelled extensively to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia and Mozambique, as well as to Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. I am here to guide you through the process of creating the perfect holiday memory. Just ask me.

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